Concept Design

You have an idea; we are here to help you realise that vision. Our designers work with you to determine the look and feel you envision for your idea/product, and we make sure those elements are included throughout the entire development process. With careful design considerations, you can maximize the adoption of your product by making it more attractive to customers both before (look and feel) and after (user experience) purchase.

During initial stages, we will ensure to understand your vision and go through a brainstorming process to generate and document new and innovative concepts for your product. As there are multiple ways to make any single idea, and having a variety of concepts to choose from ensures that your design suits you and your future customers. 


Once we have a concept(s) established through the use of computer 3D modelling software, we can turn your idea into an interactive 3-dimensional virtual design(s). During this stage the 3D model evolves as it continues developing, and it allows us to generate the data we need for prototyping and manufacturing your product. 

As the design matures the 3D model can be used to generate beautiful and realistic product rendering and gain attention from potential customers and investors. We can provide you with photo-realistic images and animations so you can describe and gather feedback on your idea. Your presentations and proposals will look professional with our creative content. .

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