Fees & Registration

3D Modelling Programs | One 2-hour Session per week | 10 weeks
For all full 10 week 3D modelling programs, from beginner to advanced


PRICE: $499

School Holiday Program
Learn to 3D model over the course of 6 sessions. Each session is 2 hours, 3 Sessions a week for the two week holiday period.


PRICE: $399
Private Training in Fusion 360
Personalised learning with private one to one training in 3D Modelling with Fusion 360


PRICE: $60/hr

Private Training in Creo
Need extra help with Creo, get private one to one training. (BYOD)


PRICE: $60/hr
Personalised Private Training Program
Got a specific area in 3D Modelling that you would like to learn? Please inquire for further details and what you can do for you.


PRICE: Upon inquiry
Design and Prototyping Services
Got something you want designed and/or made? Please inquire for what we can do for you.


PRICE: Upon inquiry